Scrap Catalytic Converter Buyers in Mold

We recycle all makes of catalytic converters, paying top prices local to Mold. At Massey Metal Recycling we ensure that we recycle catalytic converters inline with current regulations.

It makes for more sense to recycle instead of mining for fresh metals. Extracting the precious metals inside catalytic converters means they can reused by industry and electrical product manufacturers again.

Prices paid for scrap catalytic converters are dependent on the precious metal content of each unit. Prices change daily inline with the precious metal market. If you would like to have todays price that we are paying for catalytic converters, call us on 01244 67 67 67 or get in touch via our instant contact form.

We pay top prices for scrap catalytic converters in Mold

It doesn’t matter what the condition, age, make or quantity of catalytic converters you would like to recycle is, we guarantee to pay the best prices locally. Because of our proximity to Mold, we are convenient to reach. Our recycling depot is 10 miles from Mold (only 20 minutes or so away).

Scrap catalytic converters Mold

All payments that we make are instant, with no quibbles. We can write you a cheque on the spot or transfer the money we will pay you for your scrap catalytic converter straight into your bank account by BACS payment.

For free, helpful advice please call us on 01244 67 67 67.

For further information please contact us on 01244 67 67 67 for fill in our contact form.