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We will offer you the best price for your scrap car and collect it free of charge within a 15 mile radius of Chester. So if you are in Ellesmere Port, Wrexham, Mold, Buckley or anywhere in between not only will you get the best price for your scrap car but we will collect it for free!

Massey Metal Recycling are an independent car scrap and scrap metal merchant, we don’t act on behalf of an agency, you can come to our depot to witness your car being scrapped ethically and responsibly. Just call us on 01244 67 67 67 for an instant quote and to arrange collection with instant payment – easy!

If you are further afield or have a commercial vehicle please call us for a collection price. If your car is too good to scrap then we can make you an offer to purchase it – quickly and hassle free.

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Best Price for your Scrap Car

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Benefits of Scrap Car Removal

For many years, scrapping a car meant that it would be taken to the local car scrap yard and left, often stacked on top of other broken vehicles. Left for long periods, the dangerous fluids still inside a car would seep out into the ground causing toxic waste like mercury and anti-freeze to contaminate the water supply.

Fortunately, things have drastically changed and having your car collected by an environmentally accredited scrap dealer is the safest and most environmentally-friendly way of disposing of your vehicle. For further information about scrapping your vehicle please see the Government website .

Recycling the steel alone from a car provides the industry with over 15 million tonnes of steel per year and is 26% more energy-efficient than producing completely new steel. That reduces the need of iron ore and the impacts of mining on the environment. It also keeps 800,000 non-ferrous metals out of any landfill and in regular use. Recyclers also manage to save an estimated 85 million barrels of oil from scrapped cars annually that would have been used in the manufacture of new or replacement parts.

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Many cars were manufactured with mercury auto switches which would also contaminate the ground. Now recyclers drain all dangerous fluids from the vehicle before it is shredded to prevent any escaping into the environment. Over 2,100 pounds of mercury were collected in 2007 alone by over 6,000 separate recyclers from ‘end-of-life’ vehicles and there are an estimated 40 million vehicles with mercury auto switches still in use today.

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Not only does the environment benefit from having your car legally scrapped, so do you! Massey Metals are a leading car breaker and we will provide you with a competitive quote on any scrap metal and scrap car removal in Chester, Ellesmere Port, Birkenhead, or anywhere else within 15 miles of our car scrap yard and dispose of your vehicle the correct way.

For an instant quote, please call us on 01244 67 67 67 or complete the form on this page.

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If you have any questions about scrapping your car or the prices we pay for scrap please give us a call.

Get In Touch

If you have any questions about scrapping your car or the prices we pay for scrap please give us a call on 01244 67 67 67.