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Skip repair

Extend the life of your skip!

Instead of disposing of a skip that appears to have come to the end of it’s usefulness, skip refurbishment is the most cost-effective way to extend the working life of your skip.

Massey Metal Recycling offers the most cost-effective route by now offering a full skip refurbishment service. Your business is able to make significant savings compared to buying new.

Our skip repair service includes:

  • Full inspection prior to refurbishment of skip
  • Skip collection
  • All repair works
  • New doors and lids fitted as required
  • Skip repainting and new logos applied
  • Return of refurbished skip

We can offer a fast turnaround service, refurbishing your skip in just a few days. Please contact us for more information or a free quotation.

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Instant payment

We pay top prices - even in low volumes

With instant payment given for a wide variety of metals, you can get rid of your scrap quickly and turn it into cash!

  • Instant payments by cheque or BACS.
  • Competitive prices on all scrap metal.
  • Top prices even on low volumes.

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