Scrap Catalytic Converter Buyers in Ruthin

Massey Metal Recycling will buy you scrap catalytic converter when it has reached the end of it’s useful life. We buy catalytic converters from private car or bike owners, car breakers, garages or main dealers, carefully recycling your unwanted units and paying top prices locally – guaranteed.

These precious metals inside catalytic converters (including as platinum, palladium and rhodium) are currently in high demand as they are used in the manufacture of more and more gadgets like smart phones, tablet computers and flat screen televisions. Not only is it environmentally friendly for you to recycle your catalytic converter but it is profitable too.

Massey Metal Recycling makes the entire process of scrapping catalytic converters easy – no matter how many units you are selling.

Scrap catalytic converter prices

Prices fluctuate in the precious metals market on a daily basis, so the value of your scrap catalytic converter will go up and down according to the market. To get the latest price or to get some advice from our team of recycling experts, please contact us via our instant contact form or call us on 01244 67 67 67.

Scrap catalytic converters Ruthin

Our depot is only 21 miles (a little over 40 minutes) away from the centre of Ruthin. See our map and directions.

Thinking of selling your scrap catalytic converter? We pay the best prices local to Ruthin, guaranteed. We make instant payments, straight into your bank account or can issue a cheque on the spot.

For further information please contact us on 01244 67 67 67 for fill in our contact form.