Scrap Catalytic Converter Buyers in Deeside

Catalytic converters just like any other mechanical device – go wrong. When it’s not possible to fix, it still has a value – to us.

We recycle scrap catalytic converters and extract the precious metals that they contain with platinum, palladium and rhodium present in trace amounts. Although an intensive procedure, recycling your old catalytic converter is kinder to the environment than mining for fresh metals.

We pay top prices for scrap catalytic converters in Deeside

It doesn’t matter what the condition, age, make or quantity of catalytic converters you would like to recycle is, we guarantee to pay the best prices locally. Because of our proximity to Deeside, we are convenient to reach – we are in Saltney – and are happy to assess your catalytic converter at our depot. Our recycling centre is only 7 miles (18 minutes) away from Asda Queensferry and is quickly reached on River Lane in Saltney.

Scrap catalytic converters Deeside

Want to make money from selling your scrap catalytic converter? We pay the best prices locally, guaranteed. All payments are instant, straight into your bank account.

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