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copper-1What is Copper?

Copper is a ductile metal and is used as an electrical conductor and thermal conductor.

Recycling copper is not only economically viable but helps preserve the environment and non-renewable resources.

There are still sizeable reserves of copper, but there is not enough that can be mined and extracted to sustain present rates of consumption. Present high demand versus supply has caused prices to rise sharply.

Processed Copper Products

We sell copper in various forms and grades such as:

  • Granulated or Shredded Copper ranging from 3mm to 10mm
  • Copper Ingots from 1kg domes, 1.5kg pyramids to 15kg bars
  •  Baled Clean Copper Tubing

All products are 95-99.9% pure depending on specification required and prices will vary based on purity, quantity and form.

Why Recycle Copper

1. Recycled copper has a high value, worth up to nearly 90 percent of that of the original copper. It also costs less to recycle copper than it is to mine new copper.

2. Copper is a non-renewable resource. It makes sense to preserve existing resources.

3. For every ton of copper that is recycled fifteen percent less energy is used than that when extracting and producing the same amount of virgin copper. This energy saving means that there are smaller emissions of greenhouse gases released into the environment.


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